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Test Your Strength and Balance with the TRX Spiderman Pushup

By November 18, 2015 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

If you’ve never trained with TRX bands before, you’re missing out on a unique and challenging alternative to conventional bodyweight exercises. The bands are highly adaptable and can be set to any desired length making rudimentary calisthenics more challenging and capable of hitting the specified muscle groups in different ways. Plus, having to keep your balance stable and your form straight can be a nice bit of fun to break up the monotony of your normal gym routine.

“Nice try, Nick,” you say, “but I would only ever try these TRX thingamabobbers if they offered an exercise based on my favorite Marvel Comics superhero.” Well, Suspiciously Fit Comic Book Enthusiast, allow me to introduce you to the TRX Spiderman pushup, an advanced upper-body and core exercise that would make everyone’s favorite pubescent wall-crawler proud.

How to Perform the TRX Spiderman Push-Up

  1. Begin by sitting down facing the TRX bands. Place your right foot through the left band’s stirrup, and your left foot through the right. Your legs should now be crossed. To get into the starting position, turn over in the direction dictated by which of your legs is crossed on the bottom. Now you should be facing the floor, your legs suspended at the insteps of your feet.
  2. Get into standard push-up position, hands at shoulder length, arms straight.
  3. As you go down with each rep, bring one knee up to your side, then, as your arms extend and return you to the starting position again, bring your leg back down. Be sure to maintain the distance between your knee and the ground as you complete the movement: these aren’t mountain-climbers. The front of your knee should face outward through the movement, not down.
  4. Repeat for as many reps as you like to achieve a seamless “crawling” motion that activates your abdominals and obliques as well as all of your major pushing muscles while challenging your balance and form, adding more intensity to your workout.

Does More Than a Normal Push-Up Can

While the standard feet-on-the-ground push-up is great for strengthening your chest, triceps, shoulders, and auxiliary muscles to a certain degree, the Spiderman variant does this and more, as the alternating “climbing” motion of your legs activates your core muscles, and, as a consequence of your body being parallel to the ground, your chest is worked primarily at an angle more beneficial to “upper chest” development, a highly desirable effect to counteract overuse of the standard push-up, whose natural declined posture can result in your pectorals looking bottom-heavy. Altogether, this makes for an effective aerobic and anaerobic exercise that works a majority of your upper-body all at once, and until the Batman push-up becomes a thing, it will do just fine.