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The 10 Fittest States in the U.S.

By July 12, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Need a change of pace? Or maybe a change of place? Well, if you’re searching for a land where you can live harmoniously with like-minded individuals, look no further. Here’s the list of of the 10 fittest states in the U.S., or those with the lowest population percentage of obesity, according to data by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

1. Colorado — 21.3% obesity

Coming in first with the lowest rate of obesity, Colorado seems like a promising place if you enjoy colder climates and are an outdoor enthusiast. It’s likely that this large population of healthy individuals would give more thanks to recreational activities, like hiking and skiing, than to working out at the gym everyday.

2. Hawaii — 21.8% obesity

It may be unsurprising that the surfing capital of America, Hawaii, comes in second for lowest obesity rate. Here, too, recreational activity is abundant, though those beautiful beaches may tempt you to lay out all day instead. Thank goodness walking on the beach can still be a leg workout!


3. District of Columbia — 22.9% obesity

Perhaps DC residents get their workout in running away from crazy politicians trying to win votes… Or, it could be that the sophisticated city layout makes it an easy walk—or at least, easier than driving—from place to place

4. Massachusetts — 23.6% obesity

Here again is another place where walking and biking may be the chosen method of transportation. Given the state’s small size, and the ample public transportation that much of the East Coast is known for, it’s not surprising to think that Massachusetts residents are staying fit. Besides, have you seen Boston’s traffic? You can get farther, faster by running the Boston Marathon.

5. California — 24.1% obesity

Like Colorado, California is full of fun things to do in a very scenic landscape. Besides surfing and hiking, group exercise like yoga, Soul Cycle, and CrossFit are all the rage. Having the densest population of film and TV stars (who are ridiculously tiny in real life, take this Angelino’s word for it) probably doesn’t hurt.

6. Utah — 24.1% obesity

Let’s face it: most of America doesn’t know much about Utah, other than the fact that Salt Lake City is there, and that a large portion of the population identifies as Mormon. But Utah is also surprisingly scenic, with terrain that boasts everything from mountains to canyons. And who knows? Maybe there’s just something in the water.

7. Montana — 24.6% obesity

Do you sense a pattern yet? With nine historic sites, trails, and national parks—including part of Yellowstone, which Montana shares with Wyoming and Idaho—you’ve never seen it all or done it all when it comes to Montana. And if the residents of Montana are too busy to get their workout in exploring the landscape, it’s probably because they’re getting more than enough exercise farming that land. Just for fun, Google “montana scenery.” Go ahead, do it.

8. Vermont — 24.7% obesity

Surprised that the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S. found it’s way onto this list? Perhaps Vermont’s small population (it’s the second smallest state in terms of population, right before Wyoming) gives it an advantage. We certainly know that the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream can’t be helping.

9. Connecticut — 25.0% obesity

Home to the first hamburger, and many other interesting inventions (like the lollipop), Connecticut is an interesting place steeped deeply in American history. Perhaps its residents are as savvy with their fitness as they are with their creations.

10. New York — 25.4% obesity

Considering that 64% of the state’s population lives in the NYC-metropolitan area (and 43% in NYC alone), it may be hard to believe that living on a diet of New York bagels could keep anyone skinny. But perhaps walking all those city blocks (along with the chances of living in a walk-up) evens the score. Sugary drinks cap or not, New York is still fitter than the other 40 states.