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“The 10X Rule: The only difference between success and failure.”

By August 11, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Are you feeling like another year has just passed by, and you’re not exactly where you wanted to be in life? Then the “10x Rule: The only difference between success and failure,” by Grant Cardone could be your answer.

You try hard, maybe you’ve even tried “everything” but just can’t seem to breakthrough or get ahead.

Well, this book has the perfect explanation as to why so many of us are stuck here. It’s clear and in-your-face so you can’t help but WAKE UP and raise your game to a higher level.

Let’s take the Health and Fitness approach to The 10X Rule book review:

The basic premise is this:

Success – true success that we admire and long for, takes 10X more action and 10X bigger thinking than the average person applies.

My first thought was: damn, I don’t know if I have 3X in me, let alone 10X – but Grant breaks it down from every level, and shows you how, and how it will make your life easier and more enjoyable when you start 10X thinking and taking 10X action.

Here’s a quick summary for you to give you some of the 10X FIRE and plant some seeds in you for a breakout 2015.

(Take it to the next level and get the book or audio and follow through).

Success is your duty, responsibility, and obligation.

We tell ourselves stories and justifications like we don’t have time, we’re too busy, but the truth is our standards suck.

If we had the mindset that we MUST do everything we can to achieve our potential with this 1 incredible life and body, we’d act a little differently.

If the lives of your family and friends depended on your health and fitness (do they?) you’d stop the bs and step up to 10X to achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Success isn’t being Arnold or going to the Olympics, it’s pursuing YOUR goals and dreams, and doing the best you can with what you have.

There is no Shortage of Success

Many of us, myself included at times, have a scarcity mentality or a shrinking, don’t-want-to-show-off attitude.

That’s bogus, there’s no shortage of health and fitness, if we get fit, it’s only going to inspire others and show them what’s possible.

Take Control

There’s a lot of information out there, and you may have gotten some bad advice once or twice before. Or you might be injured or have a health issue that’s extremely debilitating.

What you have to do is take control, realize you’re the reason for your success AND failure, and you have to keep searching, working, tweaking and changing your approach until you get what you want.

Average is Failing

The majority of people get trapped in average. They spend their lives never being too unhappy to do anything serious, but never truly being happy.

Average means you lose a few lbs, gain a few, get stuck, get frustrated, quit, restart and so on for the rest of your life.

Stay away from average, it’ll drain your soul and leave you hopeless.

Obsession is a gift

Being obsessed with the wrong things is dangerous, harmful, and can ruin your life, but an obsession is what spawns greatness. Obsession is a valid tool for real change. Any time you’ve made real change or done something you’ve been really proud of, I bet you were obsessed with it for a period of time.

Get obsessed with your workouts, nutrition, and building healthy habits.


Excuses are bs. They are a rationalization of why we didn’t get what we wanted and why that’s ok. They are not ok and should be dumped altogether this year.


Fear means you’re moving in the right direction; it means you’re growing and challenging yourself.

Don’t wait too long though, because fear feeds on time and over-analyzing. Take massive action now!

Getting Started with 10X

Set some GOALS – little goals won’t get you fired up enough to take the actions necessary. Take action everyday towards your goal, find someone who’s doing what you want to do and read their 10X story (guaranteed they’re 10Xing it), get a coach that pushes you to take 10X action.

Here’s a quick example of 10X when it comes to your health and fitness:

Start a new program that you can get pumped up about – Start with 3 workouts/week, then work up from there.

Start eating better and educating yourself about nutrition.

Stretch daily and multiple times/day if you can.

Drink Water.

Add 1 healthy habit/month and in ten months, you’ll be 10Xing it!!!