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The Anti-Crunch Abs Workout

By December 1, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments
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Who doesn’t hate crunches and sit-ups? I honestly think I just give up before I even get started doing them because I know they are going to make my neck hurt and put me in a bad mood. I’m just bad at them and we aren’t friends.

If you suffer from the same hatred for crunches and sit-ups as I do, here are my three favorite ways to tone the tummy without pulling a muscle in your neck.

1. Hip Dips

• Start in a forearm plank position with elbows stacked under your shoulders, forearms parallel, palms down, fingers pointing straight ahead of you.

• Maintain a straight back with hips lifted off the floor, but not so much that your butt sticks up. Try to make a straight line from your head to your heels.

• Swivel to the left and drop your left hip to the floor, keeping your body straight, so that if you had something in your shorts pocket, it would touch the floor.

• Return to your neutral starting point in a traditional forearm plank.

• Now swivel to the right and drop your right hip to the floor, keeping your body straight, so that if you had something in your shorts pocket, it would touch the floor.

• Return to your neutral starting point in a traditional forearm plank.

Repeat 10 times on each side, rest and count to ten, then repeat.

2. Pendulums

• Grab a friend! Start by lying on your back with a friend standing over your head, with their feet at your shoulders.

• Grab hold of your friend’s ankles and bend at the waist so your feet come off the ground and towards your friend.

• Have your friend push your feet towards the ground. Keeping your legs straight, allow your feet to lower towards the ground (control!) and hover your feet just over the ground without touching.

• Bring your feet towards your friend’s hands again and repeat the full motion.

• Add a challenge and have them push your feet to one side or the other.

Complete 20 reps and switch places!

3. Knee Push

• Begin this isometric move by lying on your back.

• Bring your legs into a tabletop position, with knees bent at a 90 degree angle and shins parallel to the ground.

• Place your hands on your knees, with fingers pointing towards your feet.

• Pull your knees toward your head while pushing them away with your hands. It will appear as though you aren’t moving at all, but your abs will be wide awake!

• Hold the position with hands and knees pushing into one another for a count of 15.

Rest for a count of ten and then repeat for a total of 5 times.

I try and do all of these between two and three times a week and LOVE that I get a great abdominal workout without ever doing a single crunch!