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The BEST 3 Day Cleanse!

By September 28, 2014 April 18th, 2019 No Comments
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Labor Day recently passed… summer is officially over.

No more pool parties, BBQ’s or boating.

But the remnants of summer fun are lingering!

I felt bloated and need that push to get motivated again.

Yes, I still primarily:

• eat very clean,
• I exercise daily, and
• I teach my fitness classes, but I still felt like I needed more.

A boost, something to keep me focused, and detoxifying.

• I’m an Emerald Beachbody coach and trainer.
• I have always loved Shakeology and
• Fitness programs like P90X,
• Insanity (which I’m certified to instruct), and
• Body Beast.

So I figured, what better cleanse to try then my own 3-Day Refresh!

It has a 30 day money back guarantee, so what did I have to lose besides my bloat and fluffiness???

I was pretty excited to read that the 3 days would include Shakeology every morning, a Vanilla Fresh shake at lunch and dinner, and the always popular Fiber Sweep. Plus, I was allowed to eat fruits and vegetables the entire 3 days!

The Shakeology was my main daily source of protein.

It’s packed with super-fruits and super-greens. I drank it each morning and it restored my body to its natural state. Not to mention, I already drank it daily prior to doing the cleanse, so it was already part of my routine.


The Vanilla Fresh shakes that I drank for lunch and dinner contains 20 grams of plant-based protein, they helped curb my appetite.

It also ensured that my muscles got the necessary proteins for growth, a concern of mine.

It helps your body think that it is not starving. For me, it’s my mind that usually says “I’m hungry,” but not during this cleanse. Not to mention, it tastes pretty darn good!!

Then we have the Fiber Sweep.

The sweep helps to cleanse the colon, and gets rid of the extra ‘luggage’ in our booties.

It contains:

• whole grains,
• flax,
• chia, and
• psyllium seed husks.

I can’t lie and say that it tasted amazing, but it was tolerable, and it was only 3 days!

The Fiber Sweep was gentle, unlike many other fiber drinks. You’re not stuck in the bathroom during this cleanse.

The 3 day plan was very easy to follow, and I even made up a quickie cheat sheet to have on my phone so I knew my schedule of what to eat and when to eat it. I drank a lot of water every day, and even was able to keep up with my fast-paced fitness regimen.

I had no hunger pains, even though it’s a low-calorie plan.

I just kept reminding myself that its only 3 days, and I can do it! The 3 days went super-fast! I had a little more energy than usual, and didn’t get that afternoon lag.

So, the end result???

• I lost a total of 5.8lbs

• My body fat went from 15.6% to 14.9%!!!

Not bad for 3 days!

It’s been about three days since I completed the cleanse, and I just checked the Tanita scale. I haven’t gained any of it back.

Would I do it again?? Hell yes!!!

As a matter of fact, I just ordered another 3 Day Refresh to complete just before Thanksgiving. It is definitely a plateau-busting nutritional cleanse!

Shameless plug… If you would like to order your own cleanse, feel great and get motivated, check out my website!

And here’s a link to my 3-Day cleanse. What have you got to lose?!?