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By February 22, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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As a natural bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, I’ve adopted a clean lifestyle.

What is clean you ask?

Well, it’s basically saying… Wait I’ve got a link that could explain it better than I can:

Clean Diet

So back to my original point:

I’ve been 85% eating clean for a little over 2 years now.

I can definitely say that it has made all the difference in my appearance, however…

As my stomach continued the shrink so did my finances.

While some expenses are obvious, others are not so blatant and require a trained eye.

Here’s a tip. Check the label on the back for sodium.

So I’m at the local grocery store the other day shopping for chicken.

It’s one thing to cook with low sodium or no salt seasonings, but you’re still fighting an uphill battle if the pack of chicken you bought has 240mg of sodium in it already.

I’ve seen it in bulk at Sam’s club with as much as 500mg of sodium. All proudly wearing the “100% Natural” badge of honor.

Don’t be fooled. This stuff is crap and if you can afford to, avoid it at all cost.

I say, “afford to” because the good stuff is much more expensive.

Good natural chicken breast should be somewhere around 40mg of sodium.

The problem is that a 5 pack costs more than a family bucket of fried chicken at KFC. This is disheartening and it bothers me on a few levels.

• Economics In this great country, the almighty dollar determines so much and when we see the disenfranchised being overweight and out of shape we sometimes immediately pass judgment. We ask ourselves how that mother or that father could allow their children to overeat!

What if it’s simply a matter of them not being able to spend $17 dollars on a 5 pack of chicken breast when they’re cooking for a family of 7?

Sam’s 500mg of sodium chicken breast seem much more feasible than the grocers 40mg of sodium chicken.

The numbers simply don’t add up!

• Consumer Awareness

I think that it’s wrong to be able to slap the term “natural” on a product!

It’s sad to think that our hospitals will be filled with unhealthy people who did what they thought was right.

They bought the natural brand of chicken and they stayed away from the added salt. They were just unaware that somewhere “literally” in the food chain, the salt was added for them.

They never had a chance and they never saw it coming.

The clean game is truly dirty and it doesn’t stop with chicken either.

I will be following up on this article with ways to protect your wallet while protecting your health.

Until next time, keep reading those labels!