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The Master Cleanse and Beyoncé Body Exposed

By March 9, 2016 April 15th, 2019 No Comments


  • The Master Cleanse is an extreme diet that consists of eating and drinking only fruits and vegetables and then taking a laxative to help move things along.
  • Adopting a low fat and moderately portioned vegan diet, is far more sustainable than The Master Cleanse, and will likely result in far more long term success.

The Master Cleanse was first published by Stanley Burroughs, a famous advocate of natural health, but if you “google” his name, you might see an interesting face pop up in the images section: Miss Bootylicious herself. Beyoncé has admitted to employing this extreme diet to lose weight quickly for her role in Dreamgirls. Today, she is a happy vegan that I am guessing still dabbles in the extreme now and then.

So what is so extreme about The Master Cleanse?

You begin by eating only fruits and vegetable for two days: solid fruits and veggies on the first day and juiced fruits and veggies on the second. Okay, sounds normal right? Just a basic cleanse.

Day 3

Well, day three is a different story. You are now working on making your stomach full of only orange juice (2 liters of juiced oranges to be exact, and a little maple syrup for hunger fighting purposes). Oh, and by the way, make sure to take a laxative that night (yes, the diet actually suggests taking a laxative on an empty stomach). Hmm, now it’s getting a little crazy. Sounding sort of like anorexia.

Day 4

For the following five days, you will only subsist on what is basically lemonade and maple syrup. We are not posting the recipe because this may be a little too extreme, even for us.

Day 9

On the ninth day of the master cleanse, you ease out of the diet in reverse order of how it started. So day nine is regular fruit and veggie juicing and day ten is solids again.

Side effects?

So given that this diet seems a little sketchy for us, we are going to post the possible negative side effects:

Headaches, insomnia (probably because you feel like you are starving, but just a guess), possible stomach irritation (probably from the laxatives), and may have an adverse effect on your organ function.

Simply put, just go vegan instead. Pretty simple and straightforward, but adopting a low fat and moderately portioned vegan diet, is far more sustainable than The Master Cleanse, and will likely result in far more long term success. If you include a lot more fruits and veggies than anything else in your regular diet, you will likely receive a similar cleansing effect that is actually backed by real research.

Don’t drink lemonade alone. Drink it with fruits, and veggies, and Beyoncé playing on your stereo by the pool. Now that’s a diet!