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By August 2, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Before I share on CLEANSES I HAVE TRIED… first, a little background:

The nutritional world has entered into an era of cleansing.

It seems to be the FAD these days to cleanse the body of the ill nutrients that we put into our system.

  • Eating habits, and life habits make it that at times…
  • We don’t feel quite right…
  • we feel bloated, heavy, constipated, or have low on energy…

And it is at these times that a cleanse may be appropriate…

But there are also companies and products that are created to make money, and make us believe they have the perfect product/solution.

There are many reasons for cleansing, including:

  • Resetting bowel habits
  • A start of a new diet
  • Resetting eating habits
  • Taking a break from day to day eating
  • Quick weight loss

When choosing a cleanse it is important to chose wisely:

Chose a cleanse that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

For example: If you are very busy and do not have time to prepare than a ready-made/bought cleanse is better for you.

Be smart!

A cleanse is not a way of life!

Our body needs nutrients and calories, and mostly we get that from real food.

Avoid cleanses that only involve water and lemon juice, and that go on for more than a few days at a time.

If it sounds too good to be true… then it is too good to be true

If the whole point is about cleansing and going natural then how healthy is the packaged, processed, cleanses we buy?

I wish you success in your search for the perfect cleanse, and I hope that the experience is a healthy one.


A cleanse is not beneficial if it risks your health or is too difficult to complete!