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Top 6 Health Benefits Of Masticating

By March 8, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Many of us have a tendency to scarf down our food so fast we don’t even remember what we were eating. We have all heard that there are numerous health benefits of masticating (yes your mom was right), but what are they? We will explore these health benefits.

1. Absorb more nutrients from your food

Smaller food particles are more easily and more quickly absorbed into the body.

2. Lose weight

You will spend more time eating, which often results in eating less.

3. Digest your food better

Chewing makes food more broken down upon entering your stomach, so there is less to digest.

4. Have cleaner teeth

Chewing produces more saliva, which causes less plaque build up by cleaning your teeth more thoroughly with every bite.

5. Have less gas and bloating

Gas is often caused by large food solids breaking down in your stomach.

6. Enjoy your food more!

Taking time to eat slowly allows you to process the taste of your food and enjoy it more. Horace Fletcher, founder of the “fletcherism,” was perhaps one of the best masticators of all time. He proposed that people “fletcherize” their food, meaning they would chew it at least 100 times before swallowing and turning any food from a solid into a liquid before it entered the body. This practice was used for weight loss in the 1900s.

How about you? Would you ever want to masticate as much as Horace?