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Training for a One-Arm Pull-Up (With Workout)

By November 27, 2015 April 15th, 2019 No Comments


  • Training for a one-arm pull-up can take years, requiring great strength and patience.
  • An advanced proficiency with standard pull-ups is a necessary foundation.
  • Once established with standard pull-ups, proceed to one-arm flex hangs and negatives, then begin self-assisted one-arm pull-ups before finally moving on to true dead hang one-arm pull-ups.
  • Mastering the one-arm negative will take a great deal of time.
  • Even with adequate strength, you must train yourself to properly twist your body and compensate for a new center of gravity when performing one-arm pull-ups.

Al Kavadlo is a man who dedicated three years to mastering the one-arm pull-up, and his words of wisdom and encouragement are enough to give even the most complacent fitness enthusiasts reason to test their mettle against what he calls a “wicked beast of an exercise.” Beginning as one would expect, with a strong standard pull-up, trainees must spend great time and effort to first conquering a number of beginner exercises meant to strengthen grip and static strength before moving on to newer, more challenging varieties, all culminating in being able to complete a one-armed pull-up, “a show of pound-for-pound prowess unlike any other.” Included is a workout routine meant to set disciples on their way to achieving the feat.


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