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True Citrus Awesome Water

By February 19, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

I am going to be honest with you, I hate water. I think it is boring and I am constantly looking for a drink that will hydrate me, has no calories, has a great flavor, doesn’t taste like sweetener, doesn’t have any chemicals—oh, and it has to be cheap, very cheap, because I want to drink a lot of it.

I FINALLY found it. You have to try it to understand, but True Citrus brand is amazing! You know what it tastes like? The actual flavor you expect. They actually take real fruit from the grove, cold press and crystallize the citrus. The product is mostly the real citrus with a little sweetening from Stevia. The first ingredient in my favorite flavor? “Crystalized Orange.” Yum. Did I mention it’s $1.29 for a box of 12 packs? Simple sugar-pack sized packs that are easy to carry in your pocket or bag and add to normal boring water!

I like True Orange because it actually tastes like orange, not some random rendition of orange with artificial coloring, and there are so many flavors!

If your in need of a shaker bottle to go along with this tasty water, we’ve got you covered! Click here for the best shaker cup that will definitely fit in your budget.