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What Do Your Gym Clothes Say About You?

By 27 March, 2015 April 16th, 2019 No Comments
Photo Credit: sportguide.kiev.ua

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Just when we thought the gym was a safe haven for not giving a sh*t as to what you look like… GYM FASHION started to emerge. Scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed… or simply walk into a gym and you’re more than likely to see a whole plethora of every color, length, and type of workout clothing that exists and all walks of life wearing them.


Overly Colorful Patterned Leggings:

The obnoxiously colorful legging wearing gal typically has a bright and vivacious personality INSIDE & OUTSIDE of the gym. They use neon leggings as their creative escape when going hard on the weights. You won’t find the colorful legging wearing ladies on the cardio equipment for hours on end – these girls mean business and know their way around the weight room.

You can often find them checking themselves out in the mirror and recognizing their “glute progress”…as they should! Don’t let the blinding neon colors fool you though; these girls have some sarcasm up their sleeves and are always down for a good laugh.

So, what does YOUR gym attire say about you?


Oversized/Baggy T-Shirts & Shorts:

Many times, the baggy clothed wearing girls are the ones who have not yet fully embraced the gym. These ladies are sometimes self conscious and will often observe other gym go-ers for workout ideas.

You’ll rarely ever find this type of gal in a group class and they’ll never be caught dead partaking in Zumba. This type of attire can also mean that they’re not fully committed to making the complete healthy lifestyle change but are slowly taking the steps in the right direction.


One Piece Unitard/Romper Type Situation:

Honestly, this type of outfit looks impossible to put on, so kudos on the ladies that rep them. Most of the time, these girls are Hispanic…and super curvaceous (in the best of ways!). These girls embrace their assets like nobody’s business and would definitely be my go-to for tips on booty exercises.

Like the girls who sport the overly colorful leggings, these girls are super lively and enthusiastic about being in a gym environment. However, watch out! These ladies can go from 0-100 REAL QUICK if you cross them the wrong way.


Knee High Socks w/Converse:

Two words – SQUAT CITY. These girls can’t really decide if they are more suited for Cross Fit or just squatting a crap ton of weight in a “normal” gym. BUT, these ladies understand that the best way to do glute work or leg work in general, is with flat shoes. This type embodies the “bad ass biatch” persona.

When these girls are wearing headphones, don’t mess with them, they’re in the zone and do NOT want to be interrupted. These ladies definitely know how to navigate the weight room and will probably hold down a piece of equipment for a while with all of the sets and supersets they do. So, if you come across this kind of lady in the gym and you want the piece of equipment she’s on… you should probably move on to your next exercise.


All Black Attire:

If anyone means business. It’s these girls. They take the “I wear black to the gym because it’s a funeral for my fat” LITERALLY. These girls also understand that the most flattering color on any girl is black and will wear all black to cover up their “problem areas”. These girls are mysterious and have more sultry personalities than the rest of the list.


These girls also DO NOT want to be talked to at the gym. They will even go as far to avoid eye contact to prevent a conversation from happening. Don’t ask these girls to jump into their set because they’ll say yes… but will secretly resent you.

If your gym outfit didn’t make the cut, you’re just a normal gym attendee (just kidding). Regardless of what you wear in the gym, we are all there for the same purpose. GETTING FIT, GETTING HEALTHY, and GETTING SEXY!

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