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What’s Your Mantra?

By March 22, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Mantra, according to Webster’s Dictionary originated in Hinduism and Buddhism and is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

I am a big fan of Mantras.

Running is mostly a mind activity and partially a body activity, but your mind has the ability to control how well you run, how long you run for etc. It is very important for runners to get into a good mindset, a good head space, find their groove and then the run is easy.

When I run and I get tired I often start repeating mantras in my head, there are a few that I use often.

“I AM A Marathon Runner.”

… with emphasis on the AM.

This is my empowering Mantra, the one that I say when I am feeling good and it’s a booster to that already good feeling.

“You Got This, Roth!”

This is the one that starts to show up when I am getting a little tired, a little dejected, it’s the voice that’s saying, come on you can do this.

“Just One Foot In Front Of The Other, Keep Moving!”

This is the one that shows up at breaking point, at the point where I need to convince myself to keep moving.

What is your Mantra?

What is it that you need to say to yourself to get motivated, to stay motivated, and to compliment yourself on a good and hard workout?

What are your own words of inspiration?

The other day I came up with a new one.

Recently I have been struggling with losing weight, and motivation and overall feeling stuck and unable to reach my goals, and then I thought of this mantra.

I Am A Human In Progress!

I AM a human in progress.

There it is in a nutshell.

On a good day when I say this, I am hopeful that I am constantly changing and developing and that I am on a good path. On a day that I have setbacks, it encourages me to know that in a week, month or year from now, I will not be the same because I am growing, changing and developing.

I am a human in progress and so are you!