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Where’s The (Self-) Love At, Y’all?!?

By January 10, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
Photo Credit: Huffington Post

So many people are foreign with the concept of self-love!

I feel as though society makes us believe the opposite that we should beat ourselves up constantly. However, I do not believe that helps potentiating your goals, whether that be in fitness or work into a reality.

I believe you must first accept and love yourself for everything you are, before trying to change yourself into an even better person.

I think practicing self-love techniques can help you greatly in all aspects of life, including fitness. Some techniques that I have personally used and recommend include:

• Writing positive affirmations on sticky notes and placing them on your bathroom mirror and reading them every morning and night. (Louise Hay books are phenomenal and my personal favorite).

• Regularly exercising… the endorphin rush is well documented! Your brain releases these “happy ‘phins,” and you naturally feel better. Pretty cool, right?

• Taking the time to relax! This can be an unscheduled nap, a walk in the woods, or just chillin’ with friends and family.

Mastering techniques of self-love will not come overnight; you must practice them and over time learn to accept yourself more and more.

As the lyrics of the John Legend song All of Me sing, “Love all your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”.

You are so much more incredible than you possibly can imagine! If you have a voice that says NO then I guarantee you have a voice, even if you have to dig to find it, that says HECK YES!