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Why are you hungry? 4 Easy ways to beat the feeling

By October 12, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

Are you irritable and angry and unleash your anger on those around you just because you are hungry? This phenomenon is called being hangry, a blend of angry and hungry. Now, researchers believe that this state is real and they put forth a scientific explanation for it.

The science behind being hungry:

Research points to the fact that being hangry has a lot to do with one’s blood glucose levels. The food that we eat is usually converted into simple sugars, free fatty acids and amino acids. The blood then distributes these to various parts of the body. If you miss your next meal, the levels of these substances in your blood start falling. When the level of these substances is extremely low, the brain intimates the body that the individual is in a critical condition. The brain, as you are aware, needs glucose for energy.

Effect of being hungry:

Hunger has a range of effects on people, both physical and mental. Let us look at them:


Low fuel in the body causes a decrease in heart rate, making physical activity much harder

A deficiency of Vitamin A leads to visual problems, including impaired vision

Lack of appropriate nutrition and vitamins causes dry skin

Calcium deficiency causes weak bones and bleeding gums

Insufficient Vitamin E causes a breakdown of the nerves in the limbs

Difficulty in practicing self-control where food is concerned, due to falling glucose levels


Mood swings are common, like depression and anger

Memory is affected

Concentrating is difficult, thereby hampering learning

Difficulty in taking decisions and analysis

Difficulty in finding the right words at the right time

How to cope with hangry situations:

If you turn into a monster every time you feel overly hungry, do not lash out at your family and friends. Instead, use any of the methods listed below to cope with this problem:

Remember to eat your breakfast:

Skipping breakfast means, you are going without a meal for about 16 hours. This is far too long for anyone, so eat a protein-rich breakfast that will not just sate your hunger but will also give your body the much-needed blood sugar till lunch. According to research, those who eat breakfast regularly are happier and positive rather than those who do not.

Eat small meals frequently:

Ensure that you eat a snack or a small meal within four hours of the previous one. This will keep your blood sugar levels constant and you will not feel hangry.

Stay hydrated:

Drink a lot of fluids right through the day, and do not forget to drink plain water too. If you do not, it will cause dehydration, which in turn, could cause depression, brain fog and mood swings.

Snack on healthy foods:

Snack intelligently by having a mix of proteins and carbs. While proteins help, you sustain the energy that carbs help you get quickly.

To conclude

To avoid getting the symptoms of hanger, stay hydrated and well fed. If you do feel hunger pangs, snack on nuts or baked chips.