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Why naked women perform yoga and put up their photos on Instagram?

By October 25, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

It’s true that yoga does a lot for the body and the mind. But for a clutch of young women to take it to an unholy extreme is something else. So, it does come as a bit of a shock to find young women posing nude on their Instagram pages in mid-yoga poses. Why is this so? What are they trying to convey?

Well, two things. First, a couple of years ago, there was one young lady who did this to tell the world that every woman had a beautiful body and could do amazing things with them. By doing this form of yoga, she hoped that women all over the world would find “body acceptance” easier. None of these women whose photos you might see on Instagram exhibit any shame in their nudity going live. In fact, they are proud of it. And born of this pride you see the complicated poses they get into–right from the dog pose to extremely difficult yoga poses, as if they are lost in their exercise.

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Second, this form of yoga gives them a new form of expressing themselves. One of them is a photographer and a model, and to her, nude yoga is very inspirational. As a matter of fact, she sees in nude yoga a unison of her two loves–yoga and photography–and wants to combine them “in a pure way.” In doing nude yoga, she encourages other nude yogis to take off their clothes and exercise in the buff. This way, they too can experience the freedom from clothing as she does.

And then, there’s Kirsty Tavolacci, 21, who has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram ever since she’s been posting photos of herself performing yoga in the nude. She says she does this proudly to let the world know how beautiful women can be without the trappings of clothes. Of course, there are many body shamers to all of these photos, but Kirsty remains undaunted. In fact, she deletes all rude and negative comments on her Instagram page because she does nude yoga and puts up her photos while performing yoga only because this form of yoga is not about sexuality. Rather, she says, it is all about “body positivity.”

A post shared by Nude Yoga Girl (@nude_yogagirl) on

Often, people leave rude comments on her page, which does make her furious. Furious enough to comment that what this bunch of nude yogis are doing to empower women and find their true selves is much better than all the negativity that the former pour out in their comments against this trend.

On the positive side, there are people joining this trend every day, who see these photos and are inspired enough to get out of their comfort zones and try nude yoga. If, by doing nude yoga, they can make new and beautiful things happen to them, who is anyone to stop them, ask proponents of this trend.

And while we debate the pros and cons of this quickly growing trend, it gains momentum every moment. More power to it!!