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Why you should make time for a workout during lunch

By October 24, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

Much as you might love your job, you do need to take some time off for yourself. Moreover, what best way of doing this than adding a dose of health to your me time. This means that when you take a break from work, you do a workout, no matter how simple and brief.

Perhaps, a lunchtime stroll is all you can afford that can make you handle work stress better. Alternatively, you can actually do an intense work out and get better results. There are many benefits of working out during your lunch break. Here they are for you:

Increases your energy levels and your mood:

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins or neurotransmitters that give you a feel good feeling. Not just that, you also begin to feel good and invigorated after an intense workout that will help you perform better.

Do more with your time:

If you go to the office gym during lunch, you need not wake early just to exercise. In addition, if you exercise in the afternoons, you are not likely to put off exercising at that hour.

You will be less anxious:

Experts believe that there is a strong link between exercising regularly and moods. Within five minutes of exercising, your mood can be noticeably improved. In fact, exercise also helps relieve depression.

You are not prone to illness:

By sitting in one place for long periods, you run the risk of an early death, chiefly due to cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, if you are constantly moving, you have reduced risk of developing illness and injury.

You can make more friends among your co-workers:

When you work with colleagues, you might not get to see the people they are. For this, you need time away from the workplace, so what better place than the gym? It can be loads of fun for you and you will spend enough time working on your body than gossiping through lunch. By working out with your colleague, you will be likelier to stick to your workout regimen than if you were to go solo to the gym.

Its time saving:

For working people, time is of the essence. To fight hectic mornings and evenings, you need to find a few minutes for yourself–whether at home or in the gym. If you can find a gym near your office or your office has a gym, you can spend valuable time here and reap a harvest of benefits in different aspects of your life.

Exercise makes you sleep better and more:

By waking early just to hit the gym, you sacrifice some of your much-needed sleep. However, if you decide to go to the office gym in lunch break, you get the best of both worlds–enough sleep at home and enough exercise when you are wide-awake and have the time for it. In addition, studies prove that exercising near bedtime can have a negative impact on your sleep. So, use the afternoon well by exercising at a convenient time.

To conclude


By tweaking your habits of exercising only early in the morning, you can benefit greatly as described above. Just imagine, a change in timings can get you a basket of benefits you never thought possible. So, go for it!