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Why You Should Start Using Sunscreen Today

By March 8, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

As the summer graces us with scorching rays from the sun, it is important to protect ourselves while out and about, especially because we will be more exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. As a licensed massage therapist and a trained clinician, I am constantly assessing my client’s skin during sessions because I am able to touch, feel and visually identify irregularities that may go unnoticed. However, as I make plans to go on my own super-sun filled vacation to the Netherland Antilles, I have been doing a bit of research of my own to find a sunscreen that will provide great coverage for not only my body, but for my face.

Use Sunscreen!

The rules for sunscreen are the higher the SPF (sun protection factor) the greater the protection, apply it before leaving home and apply it often. Two sunscreens I’ve identified for the face, are, L’Oreal Advanced Suncare and SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense. I’ve only tried the L’Oreal moisturizer, but both offer water resistant SPF50 protection, but the L’Oreal moisturizer is a steal at around $11! I also found Neutrogena’s Beach Defense Spray with an SPF of 70 to be great for quick touch-ups throughout the day. It’s light, non-oily and perfect to throw in a tote.

Risk of Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer is increasing, and unlike other cancers that follow specific routes when they spread, skin cancer is a bully, it goes wherever it wants to even to the brain! So, when applying sunscreen, always apply 30 minutes before exposure and reapply a minimum of every two hours. Lastly, skin cancer does not discriminate, and therefore those with olive or dark complexions should also apply sunscreen regularly as well. Wear hats and minimize your exposure whenever possible.