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Workout Clothes on the Low… Thanks Kate Hudson!!!

By October 10, 2016 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

Photo Credit: Kate Hudson, Co-founder of Fabletics

One of the biggest disappointments in the world of fitness is how expensive the clothes can be. If they aren’t expensive, they’re most likely made out of cheap, flimsy materials that are bound to break quicker than your workout habits. We’ve seen first-hand how it can be tough finding good workout clothes that won’t break the budget or tear after three workouts. That’s why we were super excited to see a celebrity step up with providing affordable workout clothes that actually look good and won’t tear after wearing them once.

Introducing Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Brand

As the co-founder of Fabletics, Kate Hudson has made it her mission to provide women with affordable workout clothes that not only look good but also fit well. She also wanted to make sure that the tanks, sports bras and workout pants, worked on all different body types too. In addition, there are a ton of colors, prints and styles to choose from, which means you’ll have a harder time deciding which ones to get instead of which ones will work for your build.

Kudos to Kate Hudson for trying to end the snobby workout wear dilemma that is high prices for no reason–think Lululemon and their $80 see through pants.

To go with your awesome new look, let your man try out the FL2 collection which is perfect for any occasion!

As a benefit to our readers, Kate is letting you try your first outfit for only $25. That’s an insane price for Fabletic’s hi-quality luxury athletic wear. To take advantage simply click on the image below.

Fabletics in Action