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You Can Now Enjoy Bottled Quality Water Right From Your Tap

By August 18, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

A “NEW” Revolution has begun in the Water Industry, that many bottled water manufacturers don’t want you to know. Over the years, companies have been trying to bring the same commercial grade filtration systems to a consumers home, that are used in the large bottling facilities in a cost-effective manner. After years of testing, it’s finally here.

Let me introduce you to AQUA TRU, the miniaturized purification system for your home, that uses the same reverse osmosis technology used by the major bottle brands. AQUA TRU purification is powered by their patent pending four stage TruPure Technology which goes through four stages of purification.

  • Stage 1: Mechanical filter removes larger particles like sediment and rust.
  • Stage 2: Reverse osmosis pre-filter removes chlorine and chloramines.
  • Stage 3: Reverse osmosis membrane filters out dangerous pollutants, chemicals & ┬ácontaminants.
  • Stage 4: Activated coconut carbon block filter ensures pristine, great tasting water.

Not only will you be drinking the highest quality water from your tap, but you will save hundreds of dollars per year in bottled water costs. We put their claims to the test…

The Soda Test

We tested AquaTru’s claim of turning diet cola into clear drinkable water and it worked! It truly is a water revolution!

Now, if it could do this to the diet soda… imagine how clean your tap water will be. AQUA TRU is a great choice for your home, office, and even for travel. It’s also the perfect solution for the environment.

Click Here and Order Your’s Today