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These 3 Beautiful Pilots, Fly Around the World Doing Yoga

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This trio of glamorous commercial pilots are setting the internet on fire. Not only are they skilled technicians in the air, but their yoga skills are just as impressive.

Meet the Trio

Maria Fagerström (@mariathepilot)

This Swedish bomb shell, pilots a B737, and is based out of the Canary Islands.

“I couldn’t think of a better way to see the world from such a young age, I fell in love with aviation and the world. I take my yoga mat with me everywhere I go. I think it’s important to find time for yourself, even if it’s only for five minutes of your day.”

A post shared by Malin Rydqvist (@flymalin) on

Malin Rydqvist (@flymalin)

Another sexy pilot from Sweden, who is also a Certified Yoga Instructor.

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Malin took up yoga after a snowboarding accident left her with severe back pain.

“I tried everything and the only thing that really worked for me was yoga. It helps me to understand myself better and also to be a better person towards others. It gets addictive.”

A post shared by Maria Pettersson (@pilotmaria) on

Maria Pettersson (@pilotmaria)

Yep you guessed it, she is also from Sweden. Maria became a pilot at 25.

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“My lifestyle is actually similar to a 9 to 5 job. Our roster is a five days on four days off pattern and we operate from our home base so I get to sleep in my own bed every night. Always having four days off after five working days is amazing. It gives me more than enough time to rest and spend time with family and friends.”


Check out their individual instagram profiles, to follow and see where their adventures take them.

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